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Hello, my name is Richard. I have been hanging out in the garage since I was a little kid. While my Dad had been working on hot rod and customs cars, I would watch and soak up all the amazing info. Before long, I was up under the car right along side of him turning wrenches. I have learned a lot over the years. If you look at my site I have built numerous cars and  race cars over the years..

 I have had many jobs  that have helped me with my passion of mechanics. Everything from working at a machine shop to custom Hot Rod shops.

 This brings me to OutLaw HotRodz. I have been building and restoring cars for many years. I have a passion for building cars with custom fabrications. I started to build Bomber seats for some of my projects. I have found that people like my designs. In fact, Horse Power TV contacted me when they saw a couple of my finished products I posted for sale over the internet. As you can imagine, I was thrilled that they chose my seats to use on their show from the many others you can find on-line.

 So, now you know my story...I hope you give me the opportunity to make you a pair of custom seats too

If you have any ?s you can give me a call or email me  thanks

 Richard Eighmy
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